Father's Day

Father's Day Out

Yesterday, to Celebrate my second Father's Day, I was fortunate enough to be off work, and my Family met up with my brother and his growing family for a day out at Melbourne Zoo.

Now that Charlotte, our daughter, is a little older, she could see the animals, really watch them doing their thing in their enclosures, and hearing her giggle and laugh and gasp with surprise as these wonderful creatures that share our world moved about was hands down the best present I received.

Charlotte inspecting the tortoise shell...

Charlotte inspecting the tortoise shell...

Later, as we were heading around the zoo and seeing all of the different enclosures, I was lucky enough to be able to capture the images of the gorillas in their habitat. Again, the care and love shown between mother and child is something truly spectacular.

There is so much love in this shot.

The brooding, watchful eye of the male was a constant reminder of the power and strength of these beasts, and while there were no issues during our visit, we spoke with a zoo handler who mentioned that there had been fighting amongst them over their newborn.

Always watching...

Watching my little 9 month old nephew experience the Zoo for the first time was equally as pleasing as watching Charlotte enjoy it. Little Caleb was very alert, and with his Dad for the day had a grand time, giggling, smiling and even chewing on toys for most of the morning and early afternoon. He was even picked on by a little butterfly as we made our way through a very busy Butterfly House!

Caleb and his Dad get a visit from a Butterfly.

Caleb and his Dad get a visit from a Butterfly.

While we saw other animals, including the tigers and lions in their respective enclosures, we also were able to meet up with and have our families over for an early dinner, which is a rarity these days. Being able to catch up properly with my own Dad was an extra treat, and allows me to appreciate the Family that I have, and the Family that has grown around me. 

I think we arrived just before lunch time... Mr. Tiger was on the prowl.

I think we arrived just before lunch time... Mr. Tiger was on the prowl.

Watching Charlotte grow up and learn, listening to her as she starts to hum, or sing, or copy pretty much everything I say (and I know I need to be careful!) makes me proud of who I am and how far I've come. 

Happy Father's Day to not just all the Dad's out there, but also to all the families that were able to be with their loved ones. Don't just catch up because of the special day, catch up often. You never know when you may have that opportunity taken from you.

Until next time,