Weddings, Babies and Family Fun

What a busy end to 2015 we had!

With multiple Portraiture Shoots, our first Maternity/Newborn shoot, Wedding Bookings coming in left right and centre, we haven't had time to showcase some of the work we've been doing!

Amongst all of this, I was working on the World Premiere of my new Show, 'Green Acres Receptions', which I have to say, went off remarkably well. The folks at Adlib Entertainment put on a great Season, and the audience feedback has been humbling to say the very least.

Good news is, our scripts are all available for hire for your own school or theatre productions, and you can visit our Script & Show Hire page to find out more.

Onto Photos...

We shot our first Maternity/Newborn Shoot towards the end of 2015! Some of the photos are in the Portrait Gallery, but these are two of my faves.

In addition, we've worked with some other children and even a few older 'kids' too.

The best part is, towards the end of 2015, we took a record number of bookings for Weddings, so we'll be able to showcase even more in the coming months!

Stay tuned. 2016 is going to be BIG!