About HP Photography

Hillbilly Productions was first formed in 2003.

It was a time when we were focused solely on theatrical endeavours, and as such, presented a one-act-play version of the Greek Tragedy ‘Antigone’ originally penned by Sophocles.

In an unassuming time, we entered the production into a few local one-act festivals around Melbourne, Australia, and simply wanted to show the theatrical world what we could do.

The show was nominated for fourteen awards, and received ten, including Best Youth Performer, Best Costume, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Actor Showing Most Potential just to name a few.

From there, we staged productions of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (which received nominations for Best Costume and Best Supporting Actor), and the Variety Production of ‘Musical!’ - The Musical.

Working behind the scenes since then, we’ve developed our Photography branch, focused on personal, cost effective ways to create memories for our wonderful Clients.

Now, in 2015, HP PHOTOGRAPHY is here.

Focused heavily on building rapport with clients and colleagues alike, HP Photography and its team, lead by our Creative Director Matt Hillman, will be able to assist with both the planning, design and execution of your photography, for any special occasion or production.

We look forward to being given the opportunity to create something extra special for you, to create that absolute ‘wow’ factor.



Our team is family orientated and dedicated to making your artwork, event or marketing campaign as successful as it can be. The two (and a half) people that you'll most likely meet when planning or discussing your events or design ideas are:


Founder and Creative Director of Hillbilly Productions, Matt is a hard-working, dedicated designer, writer, director, performer, presenter and father of one (two, if you include the fur baby!).

He has a wealth of experience in both design and event management, and also has a vast history of performance experience in both musical theatre and children's entertainment. Working in a premier Wedding Venue in the Dandenong Ranges for more than 15 years, he also has a keen insight into the Wedding Industry, and knows some valuable ins and outs that can save his clients some valuable dollars!

He has also toured New Zealand with a performance troupe, and has keen interests in graphic design, art, gaming culture, direction, film, theatre and television and, of course, photography.

He spends most of his time working in a multitude of areas, from event management, drama tuition and his work within Hillbilly Productions and
HP Photography.


Now more than a year old, Charlotte is the youngest member of both the Hillman family and the HP Photography team. Loving life and enjoying sweet potato mash and weet-bix any chance she gets, she is at the forefront of motivational development for the older members of the team, always quick with a smile and a cuddle if the need arises - provided you bring the dummy around occasionally.


Working diligently within the performing arts and music throughout high school, Catherine went on to study nursing at Deakin, and recently completed her Masters Degree in Nursing with Monash.

She has been an active and versatile member of the City of Greater Dandenong Brass Band, as both player and Band Secretary, co-ordinating the entire band's interstate migrations for various National Competitions and Concerts.

A proud Mum to their young daughter Charlotte, Catherine's dedication to every aspect of her life is an inspiration to Matt, and inspires him to push harder.


The four-legged furry mascot of the team, Minh is a trusted and loyal part of the crew, and is always willing to make new friends. She works for food scraps, carrots and the occasional belly scratch, too!

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